Journal: Is US Destabilizing Baluchistan to Take Over Gwadar Port? Is the Terrorist Iran Just Captured a CIA Asset? Is China Going to Sit Still?

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Webster Griffin Tarpley

The Battle for Baluchistan: Iran Nabs Top NATO Terrorist with Help from Pakistan

February 25, 2010

On Tuesday Feb. 23, Iran announced the capture of Abdulmalek Rigi, the boss of the terror organization Jundullah, which works for NATO. The capture of Rigi represents a serious setback for the US-UK strategy of using false flag state-sponsored terrorism against Iran and Pakistan, and ultimately to sabotage China’s geopolitics of oil.

Strategic Port Gwadar

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Tarpley's complete overview is well worth reading and we also recommend watching the short video of his interview with Russian television.  To the right  is a snapshot of the Port of Gwadar linked to its Wikipedia page–we have felt for some time that the USA is over-extended, out-foxed, and fooling no one, least of all the Chinese.

Strategic Port Gwadar

When US supply ships start going dead in the water from electromagnetic scrambling of their propulsion and navigation systems, we will know that China has had enough of this foolishness.  The days of secure non-attributable false flag operations are OVER.

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