MILNET Headlines, 26 February 2010


Cloud Games:  Microsoft to Open Government-Only Dedicated Cloud Facility

Cyber-Security:  DoD Issues Responsible Internet Use Policy

Cyber-Security: Microsoft Wins Court Approval to Topple Botnet

Cyber-Security: RIAA CEO Tries To Connect China Google Hack With Google’s Attitude

US Civil Rights:  Lawmakers Punt Patriot Act to Obama

US Civil Rights:  Majority Say Government Threatens Rights

US Economy:  US Senator Warns of ‘Financial Meltdown’ Risk

US Economy:  Where Did Our Real Wealth Go?

US Government:  Secret Service Using Outdated 1980s Mainframe

US Intelligence:  An Eye for an Eye

US Military:  New Pentagon Sim Teaches Troops to Play Nice

US Privacy:  Military Monitored Planned Parenthood, Supremacists

US Privacy:  White House Says Data Mining to Focus on Government Files Only

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