MILNET Headlines 4 Feb 10 AM


Afghanistan: Lurching Toward Defeat In Afghanistan Wall Street Journal

Cyber-Security:  Report Details Hacks Targeting Google, Others

Cyber-Security: Google To Enlist NSA To Ward Off Attacks  Washington Post

Cyber-Security: Hackers Steal Millions in Carbon Credits

Strategy Future Conflict Future Character of Conflict

Strategy Green Paper: Defence Green paper 2010.

Strategy Trends UK Global Strategic Trends Edition 4, FCOC & Green papers

Testimony DNI: ODNI Congressional Testimony: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Hearing

Threat Chinese: Chinese intelligence agents stepped up spying and technology collection activities against the United States last yearInside The Ring  Washington Times

Threat Statemen DNI t: Statement for the Record by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair – Annual Threat Assessment of the United States Intelligence Community.

US Defense Animals: Lawmaker Says DOD ‘Tortures' Animals

US Defense:  COIN Attack Plane Not Til Next Year  DEFENSETECH.ORG

US Defense: US Marine: “The Rules of Engagement Prevent Me From Doing My Job”

US Liberty: Police want backdoor to Web users' private data

US Policy Iran: US Says It Cannot Force Iran To Shun Bomb  Financial Times

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