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NIGHTWATCH HOME.  France: For the record. Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on 3 February he would sign a decree barring a Moroccan man from receiving French citizenship because of his insistence that his French wife conform to the strictest Islamic practices. Fillon said that the man “has no place in our country.”

The French authorities describe the case as being about a religious radical who requires his wife to wear the burqa (the head to toe covering with eye slots); he insists the separation of men and women in his own home, and he refuses to shake the hands of women,” Fillon said.

On 2 February, Immigration Minister Eric Besson said that during checks into the man's application for citizenship, he explicitly stated that he would never allow his wife to leave the house without wearing a full veil and that he believed a woman is “an inferior being.”

Earlier this week a parliamentary panel called for a law to ban the wearing of full Islamic veils in public institutions such as schools, hospitals and transport. “It's French law,” Fillon told Europe 1 radio. “The Code Civile has for a very long time provided that naturalization could be refused to someone who does not respect the values of the French Republic.

A Reader could conclude that political correctness in France favors the Republic’s interests over the individual’s right of self expression and even personal religious observance. In this case, the Republic places respect for women and women’s rights over male dominance prescribed in religious texts. This is a study in democracy.

Phi Beta Iota: It is time to both restore the Pledge of Allegiance and to do something we have talked about for a long time, religious and cultural counterintelligence, feeding into a modernized definition of what it means to be assimilated as a citizen or green card holder or long-term authorized resident.  US politicians have betrayed the public trust in multiple ways, not least in refusing to have a population policy, in redirecting immigation quotas away from our European roots and toward reuniting illegal immigrants with their families, and redirecting our visa policy to support Bill Gates and his lower wage workers from India, while leaving qualified and potentially qualified US employees unemployed.  For some time now we have understood the Spanish Expulsion edicts–there is no place in the USA for people who refuse to give up their view that their specific religion has a right to overthrow the state and set community standards.  The Catholic Church (not just in the far past but in the near past in Latin America) and the modern Jewish-Israeli Nazi pogoms against the Palestinians are examples of other religions out of control.  HOWEVER, we are also reminded of the predatory nature of unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory immoral capitalism–no one's hands are clean, we need a truth and reconciliation fresh start.

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