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Very interesting.  DARPA and IARPA are running about 10 years behind Stephen E. Arnold;  Intel, CISCO, and Nokia are the folks we are watching, although we do not think CISCO will defeat Google, and we do not think Google will overcome its very harmful “do great evil just don't get caught” model.

A Few Intelligence Science Board Reports

There is “an astonishing number of groups and activities concurrently pursuing the subject” of information sharing, according to a newly disclosed 2004 report (pdf) of the Intelligence Science Board (ISB).  But those activities are not well coordinated.  “In effect, we aren’t even sharing information about information sharing.”

Phi Beta Iota: The Advanced Information Processing and Analysis Steering Group (AIPASG) found much the same in 1992 or so.  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) desperately needs to get back in the business of MANAGING, using its legitmate presidential authority over the budget to demand an inventory of all that is being done with our taxpayer dollars, and then working to eliminate redundancies and competing projects.

CIA Intelligence Science Board

Phi Beta Iota: This is dated, but if anywhere near this now, a very weak board indeed.

A few leads:

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Cloud Computing (the vendor model against Haggle, the bottom-up infrastructure independent model)

Phi Beta Iota: The “proprietary” corporate model of software is going to collapse at some point.  The only solution that is scalable and sustainable as well as interoperable and effective is the bottom-up open source software solution.

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