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Must go beyond Water-Energy

Very neat search.  Before your search, there was not much.  Here are just a couple of links that we found worthy outside of Phi Beta Iota, and then below,  our two graphics that the US Government still refuses to contemplate, but which are essential if we are ever to get to coherent sustainable strategy, Whole of Government operations, and a balanced budget.  Kudos to AID for getting this duality right, but it's much more complicated than that, and what's good for water or energy might be bad for all the other pieces of the Whole.

The Water-Energy Nexus:  Opportunities for Integrated Environmental Management(USAID Global Environment Center, July 2001)

Phi Beta Iota: It says a great deal that this nine year old document is still at the top; we need to do more.

Water-Centra Analytic Wheel

Water-Energy Nexus (WENEXA) (US AID India, 2009)

Phi Beta Iota: It might help to stop farmers from selling tanker fulls of water from their land, reducing the national aquifers as the dirt cheap rate of $4 a tanker load.  Not their water to sell!

A Study on Water and Energy Nexus in Central Asia (August 31, 2002)

Phi Beta Iota: A marvelous model study.  Now imagine its expansion using the graphics below.


Phi Beta Iota: Another excellent model study, including value chains and critical success factors.

Linking Water and Energy Sectors for Sustainable Groundwater Use (no date)

Phi Beta Iota: USAID powerpoint briefing, some contact points, agriculture-water-energy.

Assessing the Water-Energy Nexus in Cape Town (2009)

Phi Beta Iota: Short story with two big points:  a sound analytic model and creating the database is both essential and immediately actionable; and what you can learn from data in recommending alternative strategies can reduce need for new financial investments.

Food for thought:

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