Worth a Look: 9/11 Truth Movement Gains Traction

Worth A Look
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FOLKS: I have three articles you should see. After nine years, the 9/11 Truth Movement is beginning to be taken seriously by the AntiWar movement.

I have published a primer on this issue that introduces the evidence to the curious.

And at this point, it's time to take the case to the courts. We are working on doing just that, starting with the case of Don Meserlian.  We are using a law called “Misprision of Treason.”

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1. The Boston Peace/Truth Movement Convergence

2. A new Primer on 9/11 Truth

3. Misprision of Treason: Can the Meserlian Trial Bring the 9/11 Traitors to Justice?

Phi Beta Iota:
There is absolutely no question that 9/11 was not properly investigated, and that adequate grounds exist to indict Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for letting it happen and putting a missile into the Pentagon; and to indict Rudy Guliani and Larry Silverstein and their insurance company and security company collaborators for mudering most of those who died in NYC with controlled demolitions.  We say indictment, not verdict.  As with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the Tonkin Gulf incident, the USS Liberty, and the USS Scorpion, the truth is certain to come out eventually, and that is a good thing–The truth at any cost reduces all other costs. See all of our 9/11 book and DVD reviews here: 9-11 Truth Books & DVDs (27).

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