MILNET Headlines, 3 March 2010


Animals at War:  Bomb Dog Suffers from Stress

Bad Business:  Microsoft CEO: Google Merits Regulatory Scrutiny

Bad Government I:  Politically Correct Killing?

Bad Government II:  Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes

Bad Government III:  White House Land Grab

Bad Government IV:  How Reconciliation Works in Congress

Bad Judgment:  JFK tower allowed a kid to direct air traffic

Bad Law I:  Twelve Years under the DMCA

Bad Law II: Why DRM doesn’t work

Counter-Terrorism-Russia: Russia’s Terror-Fighting Trains Back on the Rails

Cyber-Security:  DoD Requires Hacker Certification

Cyber-Security:  Nation's cybersecurity suffers from a lack of information sharing

Global Inter-Dependence:  Monitoring Federal Networks, Global Supply Chain

U.S. Military Online:  Inside the Ring: Hacker Training

U.S. Military Online: ‘America’s Army’ Blurs Virtual War, Militainment

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