Handbook: Human Terrain Team Handbook (10/2008)

HUMINT, Military, Stabilization & Reconstruction
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Cryptome on HTT

Phi Beta Iota: Although we assume there must be some isolated success stories, we have not heard any.  The Human Terrain Team (HTT) is nothing more than Civil Affairs done properly, and from all accounts, from the most vicious to direct observation, HTT is a badly managed, badly conceptualized, badly staffed program that is a cancer on the good name of Civil Affairs.  The program should be terminated at the same time that the Army Civil Affairs Brigade is made OpCon to a new Stabilization & Reconstruction (S&R) Field Activity with a brigadier general in command and a ban on all lawyers and security officers–both S&R and Civil Affairs should be honest enterprises in which those in touch with the public do not need clearances.

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