NIGHTWATCH: Pakistan Plays US as Fool


Pakistan-India: Pakistan has deployed more troops on the eastern border with India.  Confirming the report, Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, said that India had increased pressure on the border by building several new military cantonments close to the sensitive frontier, and Islamabad can not remain “subservient” to the move.

“The government has had to send some troops down there because we don’t want to leave ourselves exposed. This is taking away from our defence capabilities on the Afghan border. We really wish the international community would intervene, but nobody has said anything to the Indians,” a British newspaper quoted Hasan, as saying.

Experts and diplomats, however, have described the troops reinforcement as more of a political and diplomatic move rather than a strategic one.

Note: No press source has confirmed new Indian cantonments. This is a ruse to deflect US pressure for additional operations to suppress domestic terrorists. Without confirming the facts, the anti-Indian Pakistani press denounced the Indian military moves.

Pakistan-US: Xinhua reported on Saturday the United States has agreed to provide another 14 F-16 jet planes to Pakistan until December 2010. U.S. authorities are scheduled to begin delivering the planes as well as Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles in June 2010.

Comment: Pakistan has no need of BVR missiles except in a war with India. There is no fundamental change in the mindset that India poses the greatest threat to Pakistan. Old hands know that provision of modern US weapons invariably are misinterpreted as US support for Pakistan in a war against India.

Aside from high minded sound bites the press coverage of last week’s “strategic” discussions in Washington provided no insight about what promises the US obtained in return.

Phi Beta Iota: The above is in today's NIGHTWATCH, which is available free online in archive form, with the daily version only to AFCEA and NIGHTWATCH subscriber.  It merits comments that for over a couple of decades Pakitan successfully deceived to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its clandestine service chief and so-called “experienced” case officers with the illusion that there was a “rogue” element of the military that favored extremists.  In fact, Pakistan is the Israel of Central Asia, a serious pain in the ass that cannot be trusted and needs to lose all US support just as Israel needs to lose all US support.  The reality is that neither the US intelligence community nor the US national security policy community have a clue as to “what is” reality, strategy, or sustainable end-state.

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