Review (DVD): Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Original, Totally Absorbing, and a Great Cast

March 28, 2010

Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes

Not sure why Eva Mendes is not listed by Amazon in the credits. This movie is already very hot in the Latin American bootleg circuit and I watched it this quiet Sunday. As another reviewer observes, this movie has not gotten the publicity it merits, and that surprises me. On balance, a four at the cinema and a solid five for home viewing.

Movie has Eva Mendez (super-star in Hitch (Widescreen Edition), and I cannot see why Amazon lists Cameron Diaz in the credits.

I found it engrossing in part because it does a super job of showing a number of ways in which cops, sometimes in league with other cops, prostitutes, and often on their own, can shake down everyone from the careless suburban types in the big city for a night, to high rollers with connections, to major regional drug pushers.

Definitely recommended.

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