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Obama has said that the Council on Foreign Relations is just a forum where people talk about foreign issues. He has actually said that he didn't even know if he was a member (video of that here).

He has downplayed, or it could be said that he lied about his relationship with Zbigniew Brzezinski (see this interview with Brzezinski on his role in the power elite and accusations of ‘conspiracy').

Earlier this year (according to Intelligence Online issue #609), Jami Miscik, president and vice chairman of Kissinger Associates was  appointed a member of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board. She has been with the CIA and Lehman Brothers bank.

Robert Eringer, former spymaster for Prince Albert II of Monaco (who, in January 26 won a court case against the gov of Monaco after the prince declared immunity due to his head of state status), wrote briefly about the presidential history in relation to the Trilateral Commission and Obama's list of Trilateral Commission appointees:

• Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner;
• National Security Adviser James Jones;
• Deputy National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon;
• Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair;
• State Department special envoys Richard Holbrooke. Dennis Ross, and Richard Haas;
• Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice;
• Lawrence Summers, Director of the National Economic Council;
• Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg;
• Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell;
• Paul Volcker, chairman of the Economic Recovery Committee.

2010 Membership list

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