Worth A Look: Posted from the Past Including Jack Davis on Leadership in Intelligence Analysis

Analysis, Reform

1993 War and Peace in the Age of Information–Superintendent’s Guest Lecture, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

1994 ACCESS: The Theory and Practice of Competitor Intelligence (Journal of the Association for Global Strategic Information, July 1994)

1994 Private Enterprise Intelligence: It’s Potential Contribution to National Security (Canada, 29 October 1994)

1995 Open Sources and the Virtual Intelligence Community (with MC&G Emphasis)

1995 The Global Information Explosion: A Threat to National Security? (National Defense University, 16 May 1995)

1997 VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution Through Information Peacekeeping (Author’s Final, 1 April 1997)

1998 Open Source Intelligence Overview (Australia)

1999 Relevant Information and All-Source Analysis: The Emerging Revolution

1999 Virtual Intelligence: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution through Information Peacekeeping (Journal of Conflict Resolution, Spring 1999)

2002  Reference: Jack Davis Leadership in Intelligence Analysis (August 2002)

Sherman Kent Occasional Papers by Jack Davis

Improving CIA Analytic Performance: Strategic Warning

Improving CIA Analytic Performance: Analysts and the Policymaking Process

Improving CIA Analytic Performance: DI Analytic Priorities

Sherman Kent and the Profession of Intelligence Analysis

Strategic Warning: If Surprise is Inevitable, What Role for Analysis?

Tensions in Analyst-Policymaker Relations: Opinions, Facts, and Evidence

Sherman Kent’s Final Thoughts on Analyst-Policymaker Relations

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