ADMIN: Malware Defeated, Google Helped, Lessons Learned

Collective Intelligence, Computer/online security

We have eradicated the Malware that snuck in with a comment. It was a two-step process.

1) Delete all comments and then Close Comments.

2) Find the infected file that reactivated itself each time an unsecured computer visited Phi Beta Iota–evidently the robots are resident everywhere.

We should have reacted to Google's warning signals sooner. We could not replicate the issue here and that is why we were slow. In the process of eradicating the malware, Google's interactive help was both essential and easily available.

This was NOT, as some of you have suggested, an attack by the US Government unit that resides at Google. We are satisfied that this was a completely random attack by robot software that found a hole Word Press had not plugged, and nature took its course.

We continue to believe that both Google and the National Security Agency (NSA) should spend more time helping create hardware and software impervious to attack, and if they will not do it, we certainly hope Microsoft will wake up and smell the roses–the first totally reliable cloud-handheld environment is a win-win for all.

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