Info-Graphics/Maps: provoking resources to explore & learn

Advanced Cyber/IO, info-graphics/data-visualization

The following is a collection of resources found over the past few years which we thought should be shared:

This service is an on-going project to collect and catalogue all graphic products that have been prepared for publications and web-sites from the last 15 years in a wide range of themes related to environment and sustainable development.There are currently 1879 graphics available in the database, with the last update May 21, 2010.

From oil spills, neglected diseases, world water footprints, US nuclear weapons, food waste, road accidents, opium in Afghanistan and much more –

Price of water and usage in 30 US cities, shortage, bottled water imports & exports, unsustainable water irrigation, cholera, and more

History of deadly terrorist attacks, arms sales, most prescribed psychiatric drugs, alternative energy investing, richest and poorest neighborhoods, Haiti donations, biggest news stories of the  year, tap water cleanliness, how far food travels, most homicidal countries, and much much more –

News aggregator for armed conflict worldwide – Conflict Map

Below the world map section you will see “thematic maps” of languages, literacy, life expectancy, precipitation and more –

Natural disasters, illegal drugs in America, Afghanistan conflict, traffic, emissions and more –

Unraveling Complexities in Financial Data –

Ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualized –

Telegeography (free and pay): telecom traffic, ocean cables, internet connections and more
Global Telecom Traffic Map 2010

Oil from Ocean floor seepage –

40 random info-grafx from consumer spending, US-China trade relations, street vendors,  “Black Hawk Down,” Iraq fatalities, fast food, insurance, mail content, Disney's world footprint, evolution of the household, 50 most influential websites, immigration employment, and more –

Government red tape, global movie business, water wars, global tobacco trade, fast food, and more –

Telegeography on Popular Science showing a flash slideshow of the internet's connections, how it works, and asking “who protects it?”

info-viz toolkit and gallery

2009 stimulus money per state from Associated Press

Iraq US soldier casualties in GoogleEarth

Criminal justice and social policy info

Mapping Geographic Impact of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) –

Old archive which contains mapping and data visualization resources –

Taxes and government spending from featured on Martha Stewart – LINK to video

Interconnections between science disciplines and various other relations such as engineering and health –

QuickTime Movie wikicity Rome

Flash info maps of upstate New York tribal land colonization/devolution –


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