Berto Jongman: Dutch Take Lead with Quantum Computing

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First Quantum Network in NL Released by End of 2020 Between Delft and The Hague

The first quantum network in the Netherlands will be released around the end of the year. A so-called quantum link (Q-link) will be established between the Dutch cities of Delft and The Hague, which will enable two quantum systems to be linked and entangled.

Phi Beta Iota: This is years away from implementation, but it merits note that the Dutch are far and away the absolute top of the pyramid when it comes to cyber-communications.  They are not as good at sense-making (no one is).

Stephen E. Arnold: Hacker Kevin Mitnick Triumphs

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Stephen E. Arnold

KnowBe4: Leveraging Mitnick

Many hackers practice their “art,” because they want to beat the system, make easy money, and challenge themselves. White hat hackers are praised for their Batman vigilante tactics, but the black hat hackers like Kevin Mitnick cannot even be classified as a Robin Hood. Fast Company article, “I Hired An Infamous Hacker-And It Was The Best Decision I Ever Made” tells Stu Sjourverman’s story about hiring Kevin Mitnick.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Google Version 2 — Be Very Afraid

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Google Version 2: The Calculating Predator is the public version of a series of reports prepared for clients in 2005 and 2007.

The topics covered in the monograph, published by a now defunct
publishing company, included an a review of Google’s database technology Bigtable which remains today the core data management system after more than 15 years since its invention, Google’s artificial intelligence activities, a review of Google’s video technology, its programmable search engine (a system likely to be of interest in upcoming government investigations of the company), and technologies enabling Google’s “walled garden.”

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Robert Steele: Shadowgate Round Two

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I have received both reinforcement (from intelligence colleagues) and push-back at two levels: a lower level of people who know almost nothing; and a higher level from people who do understand — as I understand — that the Shadowgate “alarm” is necessary but should focus attention on Israel and Great Britian as enemies of the USA using MI-6, the Mossad, the Red Mafiya, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as “trusted agents” for anti-American censorship and information manipulation including pervasive interference in all matters of choice and vote.  Below are some email extracts.

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