Robert Steele: Open Letter to POTUS on Reinventing Intelligence 4 Pages, Book, & 9 Minute Video

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Via: (1) Mr. Matthew Pottinger, Deputy National Security Advisor, copy w/encl
(2) Mr. Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor, copy w/encl
(3) Mr. Mick Mulvaney, Chief of Staff, copy w/encl

Dear Mr. President,

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Stephen E. Arnold: Informatica Data Catalogue an Amazon Play?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Informatica: A Play for Greater Relevance in an Amazon Chess Game?

According to “Informatica Aims to Better Track Data Lineage with AI-Powered Data Catalog,”

its AI-powered data catalog, called Catalog of Catalogs is notable because it is trying to track data lineage across ecosystems. Catalog of Catalogs includes metadata scanners for business intelligence, data warehouses, big data and third party repositories.

The “new” Informatica is represented in this graphic, which has a remarkable resemblance to Amazon Web Services blockchain diagrams:

See graphic and read more.

Stephen E. Arnold: Artificial Intlelligence Fakery and BigTech #GoogleGestapo Architecture of Surveillance

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Stephen E. Arnold

An Artificial Intelligence Doubter: Remarkable

The often cynical and always irreverent Piekniewski’s blog has posted another perspective of the AI field in, “AI Update, Late 2019 – Wizards of Oz.” AI and deep learning scholar Filip Piekniewski has made a habit of issuing take-downs of AI propaganda, and this time he takes aim at self-driving cars, OpenAI, Microsoft’s DeepMind, and more. He writes:  read more.

Belated Recognition: Barn Burned, Intelligence Costco Operating

Amnesty International has described the “Architecture of Surveillance.” Quick out of the gate? Concerns about privacy and the ways in which large tech companies use and profit off user data have been more and more in the news lately. A recent report by Amnesty International goes so far as to say Facebook and Google, in particular, maintain a “surveillance-based business model.” Common Dreams discusses the report in its article, “Unprecedented ‘Architecture of Surveillance’ Created by Facebook and Google Poses Grave Human Rights Threat: Report.” Writer Andrea Germanos summarizes: read more.

Yoda: ESI Analyst Link Analysis & Timeline Presentation

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Alert Reader recommends:

ESI Analyst – The Power of Link Analysis and Timeline Presentation

Today’s investigations involve a whole slew of various data types that are highly relevant. In the impeachment trials we hear of emails, text messages, phone calls (including duration), social media and most importantly the timing of all of these elements.

ESI Analyst takes all of these forms of data and allows investigators to search, categorize and display these elements in a way to tell the story. Organize text messages into a thread to see in-line what the conversation was about like you are viewing it on your own phone. Pair geolocation with those text messages to see where the person was around the time of those text messages and layer in other data like financial transactions, social media posts, computer activity (websites visited, data saved to a hard drive etc.) to tell the entire story.

Now you have a timeline with data that is irrefutable to tell the right story as it happened.

Case Studies:  Geolocation and text messages create better context

Text, Chat (WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat etc.) and Emails all together tell the real story: “Conversations don’t always live in one application, they can begin in text, move to Slack and end in WhatsApp.”

Graphics: View of functionality, with platform screenshots

Robert Steele: NYT Nails Amazon

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Hats off to The New York Times for a superb article on Amazon. It barely scratches the surface but it is a very good start. I am the one who inspired Amazon in 2007 with my briefing, “Amazon as the Hub of the World Brain,” but they went down the rabbit hole which was not my intention, I had hoped they would become a source of power for the public rather than an extension of the police state. Amazon is gobbling up — some would say very unethically — both normal online businesses (e.g. Netflix) and open source offerings (e.g. Elastic) while doing mass and a la carte surveillance (e.g delivery drones with cameras on call for law enforcement missions) beyond the pale.

Prime Leverage: How Amazon Wields Power in the Technology World

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Stephen E. Arnold: Micosoft Azure Better Than Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Robert Steele: Amazon Will Lose the Lawsuit

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Stephen E. Arnold

Azure Is Better at Hybrid Computing Because AWS Is an Orchid

There’s an interesting explanation of the DoD’s JEDI award in “Opinion: Microsoft Fairly and Squarely Beat Amazon in $10 Billion Pentagon Cloud Contract.” The reason is:

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Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Fraud Detection – Policeware

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Fraud Detector: Policeware Service?

The camel is poking its nose into another tent. Navigate to “Amazon Fraud Detector.” The service makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities. The service seems to focus on a commercial use case. There may be a government or public sector application or two enabled as well. Which is more important? Both are equally important.

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Berto Jongman: Artificial Intelligence Index, Arms Race

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Berto Jongman

Reflections on the recently launched Global AI Index, by Tortoise

The AI arms race: A groundbreaking new index ranking 54 countries

Phi Beta Iota: Publics and Governments are rashly avoiding consideration of the dangers inherent in AI — we still do not document normal code, AI is an order of magnitude more complex and will fail in complex ways. The best modern expression of concern was recently delivered by the UK PM to the UN, where he was not taken seriously by most, but should have been.