Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Cost Control Insights

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Cost Control Insights

Amazon’s AWS is a fascinating business case. On one hand, AWS reduces some of the hurdles to modern solution development. On the other hand, it is easy — even for an experienced Certified AWS expert — to forget what’s running, whether a particular service is unnecessary, or what processes are tucked into the corner of Jeff Bezos’ profit making machine. “Our AWS Bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here’s How We Did It” provides a run down of the money gobblers and provides some helpful guidance. There are screenshots in the Gulf racing colors of orange and blue. There are explanations. Plus, there are useful insights; for example:

Steven Vervaecke: Matrix (Riot) Evolving, #GoogleGestapo Antithesis

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The secure protocol Matrix is evolving into a truly peer to peer design. It currently still requires a server but with the new Alpha version it is truly peer to peer browser based. Their aim is a hibrid model that can do everything. If you want a server, do that, if you want browser based, do that. truly interconnected! here are all the details:

If they get this right, they will be a serious protocol hard to ignore. The core Matrix team maintains bridges to Slack, IRC, XMPP and Gitter, and meanwhile the wider Matrix community provides bridges for Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, Signal and many more.Even our beloved activity pub(Mastodon) can be plugged in.

I have since a few weeks ditched telegram in favor of Matrix (Client: riot)

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Stephen E. Arnold: Penrose, New Math Visualization Tool

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Stephen E. Arnold

Mathematica Not Available? Give Penrose a Whirl

If you want to visualize mathematical procedures, you can use any number of tools. Wolfram Mathematica is a go to choice for some folks. However, Penrose, a new tool, is available. The system is described in “CMU’s ‘Penrose’ Turns Complex Math Notations Into Illustrative Diagrams.” The article reports:

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Mike Flynn: I Am Not Done

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Michael Flynn

Letter From Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, ‘I Am Not Done’

as published with commentary by Sara Carter

Phi Beta Iota: If President Donald Trump is ready to move toward evidence-based policy with true cost economics fully factored, Mike Flynn should go to CIA, Bill Binney to NSA, Robert Steele to OSA, consolidate the secret pieces that survive at CIA, and OSA creates Web 3.0 / truth channel with two-way ecology connecting all citizens to all information all the time.

Stephen E. Arnold: AI Enables Cyber Attacks

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Stephen E. Arnold

AI Enables Cyber Attacks

Is it not wonderful that technology has advanced so much that we are closer to AI led cyberattacks? It is true that bad actor hackers already rely on AI to augment their nasty actions, but their AI is not on par with human intelligence yet. Verdict warns that AI powered cyberattacks will be on the rise in the future: “Leveling Up: How Offensive AI Will Augment Cyberattacks.”

A 2020 Forrester report stated that 88% of security leaders believe AI will be used in cyberattacks and over half thought an attack could occur sometime in the next twelve months.