Stephen E. Arnold: Micosoft Azure Better Than Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Robert Steele: Amazon Will Lose the Lawsuit

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Azure Is Better at Hybrid Computing Because AWS Is an Orchid

There’s an interesting explanation of the DoD’s JEDI award in “Opinion: Microsoft Fairly and Squarely Beat Amazon in $10 Billion Pentagon Cloud Contract.” The reason is:

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Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Fraud Detection – Policeware

Advanced Cyber/IO
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Fraud Detector: Policeware Service?

The camel is poking its nose into another tent. Navigate to “Amazon Fraud Detector.” The service makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities. The service seems to focus on a commercial use case. There may be a government or public sector application or two enabled as well. Which is more important? Both are equally important.

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Berto Jongman: Artificial Intelligence Index, Arms Race

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency
Berto Jongman

Reflections on the recently launched Global AI Index, by Tortoise

The AI arms race: A groundbreaking new index ranking 54 countries

Phi Beta Iota: Publics and Governments are rashly avoiding consideration of the dangers inherent in AI — we still do not document normal code, AI is an order of magnitude more complex and will fail in complex ways. The best modern expression of concern was recently delivered by the UK PM to the UN, where he was not taken seriously by most, but should have been.

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Online Data Market

Advanced Cyber/IO
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Rolls Out an Online Data Market

Here is some interesting news from Amazon Web Services. Inside Big Data reports, “Introducing AWS Data Exchange.” Third-party data has become integral to the processes of research, analytics, and machine-learning models for businesses and academic institutions, but the process of tapping into that data has been cumbersome and time-consuming. Organizations have had to establish and manage relationships with disparate data providers, and those providers have had to invest fortunes in marketing and technology to reach and serve customers. The AWS Data Exchange brings all these processes together on Amazon’s cloud platform. This will bring welcome simplicity to data providers and consumers alike while positioning AWS as an indispensable resource.

Berto Jongman: China’s Total Surveillance Program

Advanced Cyber/IO
Berto Jongman

China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to Hide

The Chinese government has been working for several years on a comprehensive Internet security/surveillance program.  This program is based on the Cybersecurity Law adopted on 2016. The plan is vast and includes a number of subsidiary laws and regulations. On December 1, 2018, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced it will finally roll-out the full plan.

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Penguin: Alternatives to Google Products

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet

Alternatives to Google Products – the Complete List (2019)

 Restore Privacy, 24 June 2019

Alternatives, each described and linked, are provided in each of the following categories: Search, Email, Chrome, Drive, Calendar, Docs/Sheets/Slides, Photos, YouTube, Translate, Analytics, Maps, Play Store, Chrome OS, Android, Hangouts, Domains, Other.

Our own work on displacing Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, WordPress, and YouTube is below the fold.

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Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young Update: Case for Decentralizing Social Identity

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet, Civil Society, Ethics
Kaliya Hamlin Young

For two months between January and March I was in India researching their National ID system. I was part of the New America India-US Public Interest Technology Fellowship.The research is now live on their website and you can read it.

Key Differences Between the U.S. Social Security System and India’s Aadhaar System

More good news the Domains of Identity is being picked up by Anthem Press and will become a real book by the end of the year. PLEASE help me and VOTE for my session about the book at SXSW in the PANEL PICKER.

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Berto Jongman: MIT $1B for AI (PBI: Zionist Strike 48? — AI Next Level from Social Media Control & Censorship?)

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Berto Jongman

MIT has just announced a $1 billion plan to create a new college for AI

The new college of computing is being built with $350 million in funding from Stephen A. Schwarzman, the CEO and cofounder of Blackstone, a private equity firm. Schwarzman has already donated billions to other institutions for studying issues related to AI. MIT’s new Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing will create 50 new faculty positions and numerous fellowships for graduate students. The school will open next September and will be housed in existing buildings at MIT before moving to its own space, expected in 2022.

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SPECIAL: General Mike Flynn, USA (Ret) for Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

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ROBERT STEELE: There is only one person who is both totally committed to President Donald Trump and who has the brains and the balls to be the next Director of National Intelligence. His name is Mike Flynn. The time has come for him to come back into the fight.

Here are the five reforms he can implement in service to the President with results well in time to impact on the 2020 election:

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