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Pentagon “To Boost Covert Missions in Middle East”

Phi Beta Iota:  Jim Clapper is a technocrat-administrator, not a leader, and he has consistently undermined both the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).  The Pentagon's “clandestine” operations are a huge farce–the training, according to one CIA-trained Special Operations Colonel, consists of “push-ups done silently.”  [We do NOT make this stuff up.]  CIA clandestine HUMINT is an equal farce, this is true, but two farces do not make a force.  The US Intelligence Community is a massive waste of the taxpayer's funds–$75 billion and climbing most of it out of control technical and contractor budgets within the Pentagon–because no one in Washington is serious about using intelligence to impact on how we train, equip, and organize Whole of Government in the public interest–the IC, like the Pentagon, is nothing more than a means of transferring wealth from the individual taxpayer to the corporations and banks that fund our corrupt Congress and our corrupt White House.

CIA Report on Soviet War Shows Futility of Military Effort in Afghanistan

Phi Beta Iota:  This is what the “Open Source Center” should have been doing in the first place.  Late, but finally, something intelligent and useful.

Former CIA Officer Says He Was Caught In “Honey Trap”

Phi Beta Iota:  CIA's dirty little secret continues to be the ease with which Third World intelligence services, often aided by the Cubans or others, can wrap up the CIA Stations and selected case officers, in part because case officers operating out of official cover installation live immunity, not cover, and too many of them still drink way more than is good for them, have way too much discretionary spending authority, and generally are not held accountable for being fools.  CIA also continues to harbor sexual predators and to be very–very–hypocritical within the clandestine “boy's will be boy's” club, biased against women and against iconoclasts. 

Former CIA Officer on Iran: Brazil and Turkey are Vital Checks and Balances, by Graham E. Fuller

Phi Beta Iota:  Crystal clear–not being read by the blind.

The Politics Of National Intelligence, by Marc Ambinder

Phi Beta Iota:  Nice try but not serious.  DNI was a wrong turn.  The only thing lacking in national intelligence leadership is integrity. 

The Truth About Drones: They Are Inspiring Homegrown Terror, by Fawaz Gerges in Newsweek

Phi Beta Iota:  Yup.  CIA has taken “collateral damage” to extraordinary new highs, and we fully anticipate the eventual creation a special international tribunal to deal exclusively with the crimes against humanity by the CIA and its elements, going all the way back to the 1950's.  If the USA is a Rogue Elephant, CIA is the turds that elephant keeps dropping around the planet. 

Phi Beta Iota:  The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) is a precious gem within the landscape of associatioins, most focused on assuring a good living for their officers.  AFIO is consistently ethical, intelligent, and useful.  Visit them at

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