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New York Times  May 28, 2010 Pg. 8

U.N. Official Set To Ask U.S. To End C.I.A. Drone Strike

By Charlie Savage

WASHINGTON – A senior United Nations official is expected to call on the United States next week to stop Central Intelligence Agency drone strikes against people suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda, complicating the Obama administration's growing reliance on that tactic in Pakistan.

Phi Beta Iota:  Readers (only the intelligent come here) will recall that the CIA clandestine service mined the harbors of Nicaragua, leading to the first ever World Court conviction of the United States of America for crimes against humanity and unethical totally illegal actions against another sovereign government.  Until President Obama stops using clowns as advisors, he will continue to be mis-led.  He is a one-term President, not because of who he is, but because of who he listens to.

Washington Post  June 1, 2010 Pg. 11

Setting Impossible Standards On Intelligence

By Walter Pincus

A Senate analysis of the intelligence community's handling of the would-be Christmas bomber bears a closer reading in the wake of the
replacement of Dennis C. Blair as director of national intelligence.

Phi Beta Iota:  Walter Pincus is long over-due for retirement.   He literally has no idea what he is talking about.  State told CIA about the visa and CIA/NSA over-ruled the cancellation of the visa.  There is also a very high probability that this was an Israeli covert operation to manipulate US foreign policy and US public opinion, and until the guy video-taping the underpants bomber “take-down” from the front of the airplane–and his video–are  presented to the public, we will continue to believe that this is one more instance of the US Government being OUT OF CONTROL and failing to represent We the People with the integrity it is supposed to muster on our behalf.

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