Event 21 July 2010 Washington, D.C. & Worth A Look: American Empire in Freefall

Worth A Look
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Phi Beta Iota: The book is recommended, and below are details on an event tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

Campaign for Liberty will host a debate between Bruce and Jeff Kuhner, talk radio host on AM 570 and a columnist and media commentator at The Washington Times. Daniel McCarthy, editor at The American Conservative, will moderate the debate.

Titled “Empire Without a Cause?: Debating U.S. Foreign Policy on the Right,” the event will examine whether U.S. foreign policy is en dangering our Republic with perpetual, world-wide warfare for the sake of nation-building – or whether the conflicts in which we are embroiled are necessary to protect American citizens from Islamic extremism in a post-9/11 world.

This timely discussion will take place from 12:30pm-1:30pm this Wednesday, July 21, on the 6th floor of the Americans for Tax Reform building, 722 12th Street, NW, Wash ington, DC 20005.  Be sure to RSVP on Facebook event page. Space is limited!

About the Book: The United States was born as a Republic. The individual was the center of society and rule of law was King. Neutrality and non-entanglements were the North Stars of foreign policy. Preemptive wars were feared as precursors to executive tyranny. The Republic would not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. Transparency was the rule and secrecy the rare exception. And the thrill of self-government was the utmost good. Since the emergence of Manifest Destiny and the Mexican-American War, the United States has progressively degenerated into an arrogant, swaggering Empire featuring hundreds of military bases abroad with defense commitments to foreigners. The degeneration was accelerated by the disintegration of the Soviet Union and 9/11. Bush, Cheney, and Obama are a philosophical triumvirate in national security matters. The Empire is earmarked by perpetual and global warfare unilaterally initiated by the President for the sake of domination; unchecked executive power; the crucifixion of the rule of law on a national security cross; the diminishment of Congress to a constitutional ink blot; secret government; unsustainable trillion dollar budget deficits; and, a craving by the public for risk-free lives more than freedom itself. The Republic can be regained if a President emerges who renounces executive usurpations and secrecy, terminates all U.S. military bases abroad and revokes all defense treaties or executive agreements, immediately ends the Afghan, Iraq, international terrorism wars, and makes the rule of law the nation’s civic religion.

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