2009 The Ultimate Hack: Re-Inventing Intelligence to Re-Engineer Earth (Denmark 27-28 October 2009)

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Steele in Denmark
Steele in Denmark

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The core point of our campaign to create a prosperous world at peace is that information and intelligence (decision-support) are the lever that can accomplish two things:

1)  Expose and eliminate corruption along with fraud, waste, and abuse including Wal-Wart and Exxon externalization of “true costs”

2)  HARMONIZE spending by the one billion rich to empower the five billion poor so that the latter can create infinite stabilizing wealth.

This is, in our view, the point of “teach them how to fish” rather than GIVE them fish.  If we confiscated all the wealth in the world  and re-distributed it to the five billion poor, it would be something like $5 each, maybe $10 now.  ONLY teaching them to create  $100++ each, themselves, will give us the outcome we desire: a propserous world at peace.

The value to Denmark of our thinking is that it can cause a strategic redirection of aid, using the money to create information and  intelligence platforms that influence OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY and achieve order of magnitude positive effects that could not be  achieved by direct aid alone.

If Denmark follows our lead, India will follow, and the rest will be history.

This is both art and science.  It is above all applied ethics and a philosophy of life.

Steele ConOps
Steele ConOps

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