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UPDATED 17 August 2010 to add:


Iran: Ali Shadmani, head of the armed forces Department of Operations, outlined three plans that Iran could carry out in the event of an act of aggression from the United States, Iranian news website Tabnak reported 17 August.

First, Shadmani said Iran would take over complete control of the Strait of Hormuz.

Second, he said Iran is closely monitoring U.S. military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq and would “paralyze the forces in these bases” and “not let them make any moves.”

Third, the last plan Shadmani articulated is to “destroy the peace” in Israel.

NIGHTWATCH Comment: These are a sample of Iranian options for retaliation. All are within Iran's capabilities to at least attempt.


Phi Beta Iota: The illustration above is from earlier plans to destroy US ground forces in Iraq if it appeared they were being successful.  The USA still has not learned that prolonged occupations where they are not wanted costs the US much more than those who oppose the US.  It has also not learned that the one thing that unites the Arabs on covert extremism is the US-Israel “axis of evil.”  Iran is winning on all fronts because the US political-policy apparatchiks suffer from “strategic decrepitude.”  Putting a carrier in the Gulf of Hormuz is right up there with putting a battalion of Marines in a single building accessible to a suicide truck bomber.  The US confuses enemy restraint in taking away the low-hanging fruit (usually long ground supply lines and undefended rear area C4I nodes) with effective strategy.  Not so.  The picture here depicts the ROOF of the building that came down on the Marines.

Forecast of Nuclear War Against Iran (3 January 2006)

UPDATED 13 August 2010 to add:

Towards a World War III Scenario? The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran

Part I: Global Warfare (1 August 2010)

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Previously posted material below the line.

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI (AP) – 13 hours ago

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has dug mass graves in which to bury U.S. troops in case of any American attack on the country, a former commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard said.


Phi Beta Iota: It is very likely that Israeli and US “leaders” are so wrapped up in their ideological self-importance as to launch a nuclear bunker buster war with Iran.  It is also certain that Iran is ready; Iran has the Sunburn Mach 3 missile; and the US Navy as well as the Bahrein HQS are toast if this idiocy goes any further.  It is also “old news” in the sense that Iranian intelligence and counterintelligence (and covert action including media ops and agents of influence, e.g. Ahmed Chalabi) are better than American keystone kops who don't speak the language and Israeli “professionals” who lost their moral compass decades ago.

What Iran does NOT suffer from is “strategic decrepitude,” where  US politicals who have never understood the military listen to “advisors” who have never been warriors.  Iran knows that the best option is to mis-lead the US and Israel into spending blood, treasure, and spirit in futile expensive ways.  Second best is to lure them into a first strike.

Iran got the US to occupy both Iraq and Afghanistan, its two “arch” enemies, for the price of one agent of influence, Ahmed Chalabi–Dick “VICE” Cheney took care of everything else.  Seymour Hersh broke the modern story, these “leaders” keeping on digging our own grave because we let them…

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