SGT Report: Free Live Court Access Online Against Google, 9 am PST 2 Nov

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We the People VS. GOOGLE: NOV 2, 9am PST

The more people on LIVE at 9am PST on Monday, NOV 2nd the better our attorney tells us. Having a large number of people on the link live as the hearing happens, will send a strong message to the Judge about public interest in this potentially landmark free speech/section230 case.

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Paul Adams: Google & YouTube Sued — Restraining Order Sought

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Paul Adams

Google and YouTube Sued for Censorship

Spurred by Whistleblower Revelations Big Tech Must Answer in Court Pre-Election TRO Sought

Working with Zach Vorhies, the Whistleblower who revealed Google’s 12 member “Hate Speech Committee” (half of whom are Red Chinese Nationals) the lawsuit alleges massive and systemic violations of Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act, the companies’ terms of contract and Freedom of Speech with regard to centrist, conservative and libertarian opinion communications.

74-Page Complaint & Video Explaining Lawsuit Below the Fold

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BREAKING: Martin Armstrong on US Political Corruption — And Why Trump Makes Sense

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There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

All Republics collapse into oligarchies as ours is doing right now. They control both sides of the aisle and they will do whatever they need to do to win. I do not write out of theory. I have actually been in meeting on the Hill many times for decades. I have seen how government works from the inside out.   . . .

This is where Trump falls into line. You miss the entire point. Trump will return to a private life so he will NOT impose a law that he himself would find Draconian. Career politicians return to NOTHING. They are taken care of for the rest of their lives and get millions in speaking fees. Obama is in the top-10 highest paid speakers getting $400,000 for a few minutes.