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Although this search produces adequate results, because in the absence of comments that we had to turn off to close out Russian spammers, the Search tracker has turned out to be quite valuable as an interactive tool, and we respond to Searches daily.

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Second, here are some additional terms that matter, with respective results on this site (in bold), which is better than Google in terms of sense-making “focus,” but in parenthesis we also include the Google results for each term (not bold) and Amazon books as well (italics).  Note:  WordPress does reverse chronology not relevance ranking.  Be patient to the very end of its results.

Biocapital (Biocapital) Biocapital

Bio-Economics (Bio-Economics) Bio-Economics

Bio-Mimicry (Bio-Mimicry) Bio-Mimicry

Common Wealth (Common WealthCommon Wealth

EarthGame (EarthGame) EarthGame

Ecological Economics (Ecological Economics) Ecological Economics

Ecologicial Intelligence (Ecological Intelligence) Ecological Intelligence

Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, & Intelligence (Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, & Intelligence) Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, & Intelligence

Global Brain (Global Brain) Global Brain

Global Game (Global Game) Global Game

Global Mind (Global Mind) Global Mind

Integrity (Integrity) Integrity

Organizational Intelligence (Organizational Intelligence) Organizational Intelligence

Permaculture (Permaculture) Permaculture

Precautionary Principle (Precautionary Principle) Precautionary Principle

Reality (Reality) Reality

Smart Cities (Smart Cities) Smart Cities

Smart Nation (Smart Nation) Smart Nation

Sociology of Knowledge (Sociology of Knowledge) Sociology of Knowledge

Sustainable Design (Sustainable Design) Sustainable Design

Triple Bottom Line (Triple Bottom Line) Triple Bottom Line

True Cost (True Cost) True Cost

Whole Earth (Whole Earth) Whole Earth

Whole Systems (Whole Systems) Whole Systems

World Brain (World Brain) World Brain

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Book Review Lists (Positive) for the future and Book Review Lists (Negative) for the past and present.  Neither Google nor Amazon have sought to do what we do–when they eventually do, they will catapult humanity forward, and do so in a language-independent fashion, perhaps by integrating Pierre Levy's Internet Economy Meta-Language (IEML).

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