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Below is updated information followed by the original response.

With the permission of Robert Horn, a co-founder of Earth Intelligence Network and also the “owner” of the term “information mapping,” we have posted his seminal work in easy to download and exploit segments:

Reference: Mapping Hypertext (1989)

Latest example of Robert Horn's work:

Reference: Sustainable World by 2050

Below: Two “New Media” Programs, One Pace-Setting Informatics Program, Comment, and original 2009 search response.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Information Science & Technology (IST)
Overview of Grants and Intentions for New Building and New Centers
Center for Biological Circuit Design (CBCD)
Center for the Mathematics of Information (CMI)
Center for the Physics of Information (CPI)
Social and Information Sciences Laboratory (SISL)
Lee Center for Advanced Networking (Lee Center)
Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering (CNSE)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
College of Imaging Arts & Sciences (CIAS)
School for American Crafts (SAC)
School of Art
School of Design
School of Film & Animation
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences
School of Print Media
B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences (GCCIS)

Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing

Phi Beta Iota: Most “information-mappers” are making the same mistake most academic departments do, they seek to map the known as a problem-solving tool.  Our focus is on mapping both the unknown, and the disconnects among the various knowns, to achieve the kind of critical mass that only comes from harnessing the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth.

We see three areas of immediate potential in this area:

1)  True Cost visualization of every product and service at point of sale

2)  Truth & Reconciliation through the side-by-side visualization of the true costs of past actions & decisions

3)  Whole Earth, Whole of Government harmonization of plans, programs, budgets, and behaviors across all boundaries, to create a prosperous world at peace while eradicating fraud, waste, and abuse.

Below is the original response to the search when first made in 2009.

We've added IO Mapping under IO, joining IO Newsletter.  This will be a short comment, just a few highlights.  We've connected Robert (Bob) Horn with Pierre Levy, whose Information Economy Meta Language (IEML) continues to make progress, and opens the way for mult-lingual information sharing without the language barrier, initially in very general terms, but enough to be exciting.  This also ties in to Doug Engelbart's High-Performance Organizations and Doug's Open Hypertextdocument System (OHS). The field is long over-due (10 years) for a complete over-haul; we believe the integration of all three of the above in some form of Global Game that allows for anyone anywhere to insert a “block” that is instantly connected to all the other blocks in historical, cultural, and functional context, has promise.

Bob Horn has joined the Earth Intelligence Network co-founders, replacing Winston Maike, Australian Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) pioneer, who passed away.  We are in the processing of digitizing the entirety of Bob's first work, still valid, and as soon as he has all eleven pieces posted, will link to them.

Not to be confused with mind mapping or concept mapping, Information Mapping focuses on substance and on machine-speed inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural sense-making.


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