Worth a Look: In The Know v1.30 HRXformation

Worth A Look
  • The Next Silicon Valley
    For more than 100 years, the San Francisco Baty area has been turning itself into a global model for innovation and technical development. When things go well, the world is envious. When there is a bust (like now) there’s not so much envy. The culture of innovation jas been built over that history. Developing a similar phenomenon requires a similar horizon. This is a great think piece about the intersection of technology, capital, education, culture and human capital.
  • Thousands of Workers are Standing By
    Why crowd sourcing may be the next outsourcing. Labor on Demand is like cloud computing for staffing agencies. This function, which would be run under purchasing in the current construct, is how organizations will interface with many of their people.
  • The Future of The Internet
    Save this one for a serious hour of your time over the weekend. The 45 page pdf is the product of a project between Cisco and the Global Business Network. The report offers four different potential futures. Underlying those scenarios are several simple and important ideas… the keyboard will disappear quickly; the Internet’s real growth will be in lower economic strata; digital natives will interact in ways beyond our imagining. The scenarios will give you a range of input with which to imagine your future.

Tip of the Hat to John Sumser at LinkedIn.

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