Event: 14-21 Sep 2010 Global Peace Week

Worth A Look
Peace Week 2010

Peace One Day, a DVD we reviewed when it came out, has now graduated to Peace Week, but not really.

Click on the logo (from 2003, still the best we have seen) to see the “personalities” that are being offered free in a global summit.

See also a collage of Peace Week images.

The good of this is that the circle is gradually widening.

The bad is that this is still kum-ba-ya on steroids, all about hand-holding and soul searching with little attention to multinational information-sharing and sense-making, or to creating actionable public intelligence.

Too many of these people are merely on the talk circuit, while others are doing righteous work at the micro-level that is not scalable or migratable without a global concept of operations and doctrine for transforming from the culture of war to the culture of peace through Information Operations (IO).


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