Journal: CIA Loves Blackwater; Arizona Ungovernable in South; Coast Guard Learns and Morphs from Katrina; Israeli Black Propaganda?

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Blackwater Won Contracts Through A Web Of Companies. CIA mafia, illegal arms, 31 companies to deceive US Government, owner moves family to Abu Dhabi.

Signs in Arizona warn of smuggler dangers. Feds post 15, south Arizona now “ungovernable zone.”

For Coast Guard, Katrina's lessons are carried on. Overview in human interest context of how Katrina changed Coast Guard, relevant to BP Gulf disaster.

Israeli Black Propaganda?

Child Stealing Bread in Iran Gets Arm Crushed.

Phi Beta Iota: photo part of a collage, not properly sourced and possibly Israeli black propaganda. Normally the hand is cut off, no padding is needed, and we're not sure a child would receive this kind of punishment under these circumstances. Provided as indicator of what is being circulated across US military emails.  There is probably a half-pipe cradling the arm and hidden by the towel.  Cars do not mangle or even completely crush.  The absence of the after photo showing real damage is significant to us.

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