Journal: Consumers Want Commerce with Causes

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Consumers for a Cause

September 16, 2010 – 41% of Americans claim that they have purchased a product within the last 12 months due to the brand’s affiliation with a social or environmental cause and 83% of consumers say that they want more products that they use to benefit causes that they personally care about, says a new study issued this week by Cone.

The “2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study,” which is surveyed yearly and started in 1993, shows that over its 17 year history , consumer appetite for brands associated with causes had more than doubled, from 20% to 41%.

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Tip of the Hat to Seena Sharp at LinkedIn.

Phi Beta Iota: “Causes” are the beginning of public intelligence.  As Paul Hawkin has documented so well, the “causes” of human rights and environmental responsibility have tended to merge, and we now have websites that help individuals establish their social values and then identify compliant products and services.  Missing still is a holistic approach to causes, to commerce, and to public intelligence that focuses on educating the consumer who then moves markets.

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