Anna von Reitz: Bayer Aspirin as a Culprit in Wuhan China Crisis?

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Speculative Conclusion First:

So — how about this scenario, which neatly explains the entire gamut of information coming out of China?

A new 5G grid is rolled out in Wuhan, China—-and unknown, unseen, begins to impact the blood of the Chinese people in range, thinning their blood to dangerous levels and crippling their ability to access and use oxygen at the cellular level —oxygen that is already depleted in the atmosphere.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon AI, Non-Transfer, & Future Cross-Correlation Issues

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Stephen E. Arnold

AWS AI Improves Its Accuracy According to Amazon

An interesting bit of jargon creeps into “On Benchmark Data Set, Question-Answering System Halves Error Rate.” That word is “transfer.” Amazon, it seems, is trying to figure out how to reuse data, threshold settings, and workflow outputs.

Think about IBM’s DeepBlue defeat of Gary Kasparov in 1996 or the IBM Watson thing allegedly defeating Ken Jenkins in 2011 without any help from post production or judicious video editing. Two IBM systems and zero “transfer” or more in more Ivory Towerish jargon “transference.”

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Betty Boop: #GoogleGestapo — Google Atrocities in Detail

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Google — a dictator unlike anything the world has ever known

Story at-a-glance

  • Robert Epstein is a Harvard trained psychologist who has exposed how Google is manipulating public opinion through their search engine so they can change the results of elections and many other important areas
  • His research shows how Google is using new techniques of manipulation that have never existed before in human history. If this weren’t bad enough, these tools are ephemeral and leave no paper trail of their devious behavior
  • According to Epstein’s calculations, Google can shift 15 million votes leading up to the upcoming U.S. presidential 2020 election
  • Because Google has become and everyday tool that’s used for more than 90% of searches worldwide, the company has likely determined the outcomes of 25% of the national elections in the world
  • Search suggestions — shown in a drop-down menu when you begin to type a search term — is another powerful manipulation tool capable of turning a 50/50 split among undecided voters into a 90/10 split, with no one having the slightest idea that they’ve been manipulated

Safety copy below the fold.  Click on link above to read full story at source.

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Yoda: Capitalism seen doing ‘more harm than good’ in global survey

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Capitalism seen doing ‘more harm than good’ in global survey

This year was the first time the “Edelman Trust Barometer”, which for two decades has polled tens of thousands of people on their trust in core institutions, sought to understand how capitalism itself was viewed.

On a national level, lack of trust in capitalism was highest in Thailand and India on 75% and 74% respectively, with France close behind on 69%. Majorities prevailed in other Asian, European, Gulf, African and Latin American states.

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A global trust crisis

Stephen E. Arnold: China Bracing for Tech War, Increasing Innovation

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Stephen E. Arnold

Of possible interest.

China bracing for US tech war with plan to cut reliance on imports of key components to just 25 per cent

  • Beijing downplayed its ‘Made in China 2025’ plan under pressure from the US, but is now aiming to rely on domestic production for 75 per cent of its key components
  • Former minister Li Yizhon also said that China is planning to create 40 ‘national manufacturing innovation centers’ by 2025

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Robert Steele: Will Tencent Bury Amazon? My Bet is YES

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The  hubris of Amazon — and its effort to become the police state database rather than a platform for empowering the public with access to knowledge  and products whose true costs can be known ( 2007 briefing to Amazon) — have shocked me. I have been in global search mode for a year, Tencent in China is one company which could become a problem for Amazon. I visit China in March. Watch for a follow up to my interview/discussion with Stephen E Arnold on the OSINT, intelligence, and geo-political ramifications of Amazon’s alleged billion dollar bet in India.

Tencent’s Investment Strategies Revealed

Zero Hedge: The US Empire Self-Destructing?

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An Empire Self-Destructs

Authored by Jeff Thomas via,

…empires tend to end through the gradual elimination of the free-market system, the metamorphosis to a welfare state, and, finally, through the destruction of wealth through costly warfare…

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Wayne Jett: Trump on Offense in 2020

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#MAGA vs The 1901 Plan

Despite historically important achievements economic growth, job creation, reduced unemployment, prison reform, reduced illegal immigration and notable return to policies of nationalism rather than globalism, President Donald Trump has spent much of his first three years in office defending himself against astonishingly unsupported investigations and an attempted impeachment without an identifiable crime. By contrast, 2020 is more likely to become a year during which Trump’s detractors will play defense in attempts to avoid punishment for real crimes committed both currently and during previous administrations.

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