Journal: To Risk or Not to Risk, that Is the Question

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The problem with putting it all on the line…

is that it might not work out.

The problem with not putting it all on the line is that it will never (ever) change things for the better.

Not much of a choice, I think. No risk, no art. No art, no reward.

Phi Beta Iota: The Weberian concept of bureaucracy is all about risk reduction and knowledge hoarding.  Governments are not only bureaucracies, they are bureaucracies created in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.  Public philosophy is now entering a new era, a renaissance.  Eventually we anticipate overlapping governments that will be open, hybrid, strictly in the public interest with corruption impossible due to total transparency, AND governments will be intelligence-driven, about design, about the “art” of creating a prosperous world at peace that optimizes human creativity.

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