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You and I Can End Climate Change Right Now. And all at negligible cost.

“Don’t need to….  …    Not possible….  ….    Don’t bother….  …..    Doesn’t exist….  …..     It’s all natural…. ……  Much too complex.”

Says Big Oil, with $5 billion a week budget to spend on advertising, public relations and bribery, and to massively influence the media.


By Aj Yeomans, on August 23rd, 2010

Only four things that will end climate change.

We remove the accumulated excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and get it back to what it has safely been for the last million years. We do this by modifying our agricultural practices to enhance the buildup of soil organic matter. It cheap and easy. (And if it didn’t work it won’t cost us anything) Go to THE SOIL CARBON SOLUTION for details. See also Climate Change Terminated 2 on Youtube.

PROBLEM —– The agrochemical market is huge and they don’t intend to go out of business. Also most agrochemicals are petroleum based.

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Nuclear energy replaces coal and gas for industrial power. Nuclear energy is our only feasible option, and is by far the safest. A Chernobyl every month would kill thousands less people than coal is killing now.

PROBLEM —– The electric car is nonsense if the electricity comes from coal. But if it’s from nuclear power stations then it’s a sensible concept and a big threat to petroleum consumption.

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Biofuels are being produced right now in huge quantities and cheaper than petroleum fuels. All petroleum fueled vehicles can already run on, or be easily and inexpensively modified to run perfectly on biofuel. That’s cars, trucks, planes and boats.

PROBLEM —– Transport fuels are Big Oil’s biggest market so the biofuel industry has to be permanently suppressed.

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They cannot be trusted. Before you believe anything put out or said or distributed by a “green” party, a “green” organisation or any major environmental movement first do a thorough search to see if they are funded by the oil cartels. It will make you sick.

The fossil fuel interests, just like the cigarette companies’ interests, are to stay in business. The oil cartels are the ones with all the money because world oil production and therefore oil prices are more easily manipulated. Coal prices is too competitive.

Environmentalists and meteorologists who appreciated that destabilizing world weather systems and sea levels was incredibly dangerious were and are the oil cartels only serious enemy. Medical associations were the cigarette companies’ enemies so they recruited their own compliant medicos.

For Big Oil the logical move had to be to flood money into all the significant environmental organizations, and with only one proviso: never take more than a token interest in global warming and never seriously link oil to global warming. Then you can have all the money you want. Just make biodiversity your hobby horse.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is an association of all the world’s major environmental associations and the UN’s only advisory body on environmental issues. Read their mission statement. In it the disruption of all the world’s weather systems is categorized as just another possible threat to some species and in consequence biodiversity.

So don’t trust Greenpeace, don’t trust wilderness societies, don’t trust conservation societies and especially don’t trust the WWF.

PROBLEM —– The major environmental movements are now rich and powerful. Petrodollars got them going but now the supposed validity and nobility of their causes and our money and our trust in them keeps them going. That is, while ever we stay naive and gullible.


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