Reference: Five Golden Rules for Data-Based Decisions

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Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA intelligence

Rule 1: Understand the goals and expected outcomes of end-user information requirements

Rule 2: Remove spreadsheet based reporting

Rule 3: Establish a data quality competency centre

Rule 4: Unlock your enterprise from the transaction-based application for reporting needs

Rule 5: Get the analysis of your data done in-house

Phi Beta Iota: CEO Mehta personifies integrity and intelligence.  The full article explaining each of the rules should be required reading in both MBA and MPA courses.  It merits comment that he is talking primarily about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and secondarily about Customer Relations Management (CRM).  As Review: Rethink–A Business Manifesto for Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation draws out, both of these are being superceeded by Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the Cloud.  See also Reference: The Next Revolution in Productivity; and Review: Knowledge As Design as well as our own Graphic: The Four Quadrants of Knowledge and Review: The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management–Reinventing the Workplace for the 21st Century.

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