Worth a Look: Cryptome on Sensitive Sources

Worth A Look

Phi Beta Iota: We love Cryptome, it renders a public service.  We appreciate being listed there as a public service ourselves.  We do NOT, however, under any circumstances, violate our lifetime secrecy  oath or ever reveal anything that is remotely classified or sensitive.  We derive intelligence (decision support) exclusively from open sources and methods.  When we write about traditional intelligence sources and methods (e.g. on Human Intelligence) our work is reviewed by both DoD and CIA in advance of publication.  Our mission is to help create public intelligence in the public interest.  That said, we point with respect to Cryptome, where the following statement appears, and then a long list of existing web sites full of sensitive sources and methods information….including, erroneously, our own.

From Cryptome DOI 4 September 2010

Sensitive Information Security Sources and Breaches

In response to Wikileaks background inquiries Cryptome offers that there are hundreds of online and offline sources of sensitive information security breaches which preceded Wikileaks beginning about 120 years ago. This outline traces the conflict between technological capabilities for sensitive information breaches and control by law enforcement when technical countermeasures are insufficient — a few examples among many others worldwide:

See the full list.

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