Bravo Oscar–RESTRICTED–Authorized Viewers ONLY

Cultural Intelligence

You know who you are.  Only authorized viewers allowed.  This is a short film/cartoon followed by an interesting advertisement for the maker that is going viral.  RESTRICTED.  Do NOT click on this list if you are not one of the 5 billion people authorized to do so….

Very Short Film

Phi Beta Iota: We frown on frivolity in public intelligence, it is certainly NOT in the public interest to be funny, but in this one instance we felt it should be shared to increase inside the beltway understanding–and beyond the water’s edge understanding–of what is rocketing around both military email and in the heartland.  It is entirely possible that these mischief-makers were funded by Iran or Venezuela, or the Koch Brothers out of Wall Street.  Approach with caution, they may be armed with pencils and erasers.

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