Journal: Census of Marine Life Astonishes & Enlightens

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Census of marine life shows how various underwater life forms are connected to one another

Census of marine life took place over a ten-year period and cost $650 million. Over 200 thousand life forms were identified in the census of marine life.

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“We didn’t know so much about the deep sea…,” Arbizu said. “We believe now that the deep sea is more connected, also the different oceans, than we previously thought.”

Phi Beta Iota: Science is on the cusp of a major new learning period, finding connectivity and co-evolution in tangible forms that can be documented.  Science is also on the verge of a mental and ethical meltdown, between fragmented sub-specialties and rampant fabrications.  Changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three.  It’s time we rescued education, intelligence, and research, together.

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