Journal: Debka (IL)–US Terror Scare Backfires

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US Terror Scare Misfires

New US Tactics in Afghanistan Unrelated to Europe Terror Alert

A strong strategic rationale actuated Washington’s blanket terror warning to Europe of Sunday, Oct. 3. But the way it evolved reflected the current interplay among the leading American personalities who devised it.

Phi Beta Iota: We do not normally point to anything that requires registration or payment, but in this instance, since it specifically supports our own skepticism about the recent terror alert (see Journal: US Travel Alert–Political and Fraudulent?, we agree with our contributor who suggested the pointer.  Below are a few of the headlines internal to the Debka article, and three key sentences.

Angry Pakistani reaction was no surprise

Now to build a cover story

In North Waziristan, Petraeus said, smashing Taliban and local allied forces on the Pakistan side of the border is the key to success in Afghanistan, particularly in the south which has a common border with North Waziristan.

The imprecise, unspecific US terror scare did not impress Europe

Brennan’s personal ambition gingered up the publicity

While Petraeus and Panetta kept their uncertainties under their hats and cooperated with one another, John Brennan went off on an aggressive tangent.  He issued a welter of leaks to the media without coordinating them with either partner.

France settles scores with Britain

Two days later, France exhibited its fine sense of irony by issuing a travel advisory warning French citizens to be vigilant for terrorists while traveling in… London.

Debka “Premium” Content

Phi Beta Iota: Just after this story, which has rich detail on Brennan and Panetta lusting for Jones’ job, the vacancy was announced and filled.  This may be one of the weakest national security teams since the end of WWII.

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