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The 90th Anniversary of Hungary's Dismemberment: Hungary declares “National Day of Unity,” AHF issues statement: “Trianon is not only tragic history, it is a lingering tragedy which continues to affect the Hungarian minorities and historical communities living in the states neighboring Hungary even today.”

At the time President Wilson said: “The proposal to dismember Hungary is absurd” and later Sir Winston Churchill said: “Ancient poets and theologians could not imagine such suffering, which Trianon brought to the innocent.We are sad to report that they were right.

Phi Beta Iota: The day will come when many of the artificial political boundaries imposed by selected Western powers, not only in Africa but in Europe and elsewhere, are rejected.  Professor Philip Allott of Cambridge has written the best book to date on the insanity and the human cost of these ill-considered impositions, see Review: The Health of Nations–Society and Law beyond the State.  This is not to say that previous boundaries should be restored, but rather that the world is moving toward panarchy and hybrid governance–water may have one larger region and multinational governance, sewage a more local arrangement….and so on.

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