Journal: iPhone and iPad Spread Disease

02 Infectious Disease, 07 Health

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Your iPhone and iPad Make Me Sick!

Your iPhone or iPad can get me sick around this time of year. That’s because it’s flu season, and every time you sneeze into your hands and wipe it all over your touch screen device, you could be passing on a virus when you decide to share it with someone else. So unless you’re immunized for the season and you keep a small bottle of Purell with you at all times, I’ll be checking out your gaming high scores from afar, thank you very much. I don’t need your Angry Birds to give me swine or bird flu.

Phi Beta Iota: The full story is a very professional concise account with integrated quotes from solid sources.  We have read elsewhere that the hotel telephone is the single greatest disease vector when traveling.  Tip of the Hat to Marc.

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