Journal: Solar Power for Africa…One Option

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Micro Scaled Concentrated Solar Power units , Clean Energy to Power a Multi-biulding Health Clinic

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Sopogy, Inc., manufacturer of the proprietary micro-scaled concentrating solar power (MicroCSP) system, is demonstrating its SopoNova™ solar panels at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The project developed by (previously known as Solar Turbine Group) is designed to be a model for cost effective, stand alone solar power solutions for health clinics in Africa. The MicroCSP system generates thermal energy by reflecting the sun’s energy from mirrors into a receiver tube, heating a transfer fluid to create steam. The steam spins a turbine which drives a generator and produces electricity. The system also includes thermal energy storage that allows power to be produced during .

Sopogy’s solar collectors feature a proprietary frame and storm protection, keeping the system safe during weather events that could include flying debris from hurricane strength winds. All components are also enclosed in an aerodynamic, rust-resistant housing which makes Sopogy’s collectors suitable for use in climates ranging from deserts to tropical environments.

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