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There is a fascinating dynamic occurring within the Tea Party “movement, one that juxtaposes earnest individuals of all types with much more calculating opportunists who are responsive to money via “anonymous” channels made possible by the Supreme Court decisions to take all limits off corporate funding in politics.

Despite the story being told by numerous media outlets, we estimate that the lower two-thirds, perhaps even the lower four-fifths, of the Tea Party have no idea they are window dressing, hired hands in a political drama being orchestrated by the Republican mandarins who have been named in the media, and their long-standing financial backers, also named.

Among other impacts, this has dramatically lessened the Libertarian movement's prospects, and placed the Green and Reform parties so far over on the sidelines they cannot achieve any semblance of past modest successes.

The question to be asked: Who Benefits?  This is not a question the Tea Party membership is considering with any degree of informed introspection.  Nor is it a question that Wikipedia or other popular public sources of information have addressed with any sufficiency.

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