Officer’s Call: LinkedIn and Facebook

Information Operations (IO), Officers Call

Phi Beta Iota respectfully encourages all officers and staff non-commissioned officers to join LinkedIn and Facebook so as to enhance the sharing of information across boundaries.

The “secret” to surviving a security review is to avoid all personal expressions of opinion.  Use the systems to create networks of professionals with common interests (e.g. Information Operations) who can then post links that are seen by their network.  Provocative questions are different from opinions, and can be used to point out disconnects that might not be obvious.

Opinions are dangerous.  Although the security system has improved considerably, all the way from a reasonably clear security form [only foreigners with ties that bind] to reasonably coherent adjudication, the Industrial-Era security system is still not up to understanding the nuances of Information-Era information-sharing and sense-making.  “That should be classified” is the operative phrase for those who can do grave damage to careers without realizing that public intelligence has far surpassed secret intelligence in breadth and depth.

Bottom line:  you cannot grow as a professional without “jacking in” to the global grid, but opinions will have to wait for another five or six years.  Leave those for face to face conversations and be aware that your email is a legal record open for inspection whether you like it or not.

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