Stephen E. Arnold: AI Algorithms: Dealing Straight?

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AI Algorithms: Dealing Straight?

Humans are easily influenced and it is not rocket science either. In order to influence humans, all it takes is a working understanding of psychology, human behavior, and appealing to their emotions. Con artists are master manipulators, but they are about to be one upped by AI algorithms. The Next Web shares how easy it is to influence human behavior in the article, “Study Shows How Dangerously Simple It Is To Manipulate Voters (And Daters) With AI.”

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Edwin Jewett: How Pixar uses hyper-colors to hack your brain

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From WIRED, worth a read:

Color—the stuff, the red-green-blue of the world—is a lot of things all at once. It’s the rain of uncountable photons of energy, bouncing off of and through everything around you. It’s electromagnetic waves. It’s the chemistry of paints and dyes. And it’s those things interwoven and pinging into sensors in your eyeballs and transducing into the mysterious electrical signals in your brain that make a world in your mind. Oh, and color is also the way that Pixar manipulates your feelings with each new billion-dollar, Oscar-winning movie, turning virtual light inside a computer into very real, very bright, laser-guided light on a screen. For my new book Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern—excerpted this week on Backchannel—I went inside Pixar’s prismatic digital workshop to learn how the animators there teach infinitesimal flecks of light to evoke every color of the emotional rainbow.

Adam Rogers | Senior Correspondent, WIRED

Stephen E. Arnold: How Are Those Cyber Security Vendors Performing?

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How Are Those Cyber Security Vendors Performing?

This sounds like old news. This is really new news. The trust outfit Thomson Reuters published “U.S. Government Probes VPN Hack within Federal Agencies, Races to Find Clues.” The main idea is that despite the amped up cyber security efforts, another somewhat minor issue has been discovered. The trust outfit reports:

The new government breaches involve a popular virtual private network (VPN) known as Pulse Connect Secure, which hackers were able to break into as customers used it. More than a dozen federal agencies run Pulse Secure on their networks, according to public contract records.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Microsoft – Unsafe At Any Speed 2.0?

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Microsoft: Stunned by Its Own Insecure Petard?

I read “10 Key Microsoft Ignite Takeaways for CIOs.” Marketing fluff except for one wild and crazy statement. Here’s the passage I found amusing:

By midyear, enterprises will also be able to control in which datacenter Microsoft stores documents shared through Teams, group by group or even for individual users, making it more useful in some regulated industries or where there are concerns about the security of data. These controls will mirror those available for Exchange and SharePoint. There will also be an option to make end-to-end-encrypted one-to-one voice or video calls, that CIOs can enable on a per-employee basis, and to limit meeting attendance only to invited participants. A future update could see the addition of end-to-end encrypted meetings, too. For companies that are centralizing their investment in such collaboration, McQuire said, “Security is arguably the number one selection criterion.”

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Robert Steele: CountyCoin & CountyWeb

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This is my “prior art” statement on CountyCoin and CountyWeb. Anyone seeking to trademark these terms will find themselves dealing with my lawyers.

This is also a foundational public statement for my private discussion of my plans and intentions in The Steele Report for Monday, 8 March 2021.

We are going to Make America Great one Constitutional County Community at a time.

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