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Jock Gill

“I've been trickled on for thirty years.    Tastes like piss.”
— Randall Head, attorney in Louisville, KY

This is the single best explanation of the raging anger in America today I have seen.  Reagan voodoo economics sowed a bitter crop that we are reaping with a vengence today.  And neither party seems to care or be willing to take corrective action.  No wonder we have anger on the streets and in the ballot box.   Frank Rich is right, it will not end with the mid-term elections.  It will only end when we replace Reagan's magical thinking and its reality distortion field with a reality based economics with fairness as justice for all.

All this 3rd party stuff will not amount to a hill of bean if these 5 heresies are not converted into common wisdom that everyone knows and accepts:

1. We live in a closed system;
2. Corporate profits have trumped democracy for far too long;
3. Global Climate Disruption is a real game changer;
4. Caucasians will no longer run the casino and the country club
5. Knowledge will always be imperfect.

So long as we fail to modify our ‘narrative' to take these facts into account, it is unlikely we, or any third party, will be able to embrace the future with confidence.  Any party, economics, or politics that must assert that these truths are heresies is, of course, then based on fiction and lies.  That is why, amongst other things, they are intellectually bankrupt.  As you may recall, I have been saying this about both parties since about 1993.

You might want to checkout the work of

#5 is a killer as it is the force that drives the seven deadly sins.

So a third party, technology to the contrary not withstanding, will not matter until these heresies become truths.  It is essential that we develop education, politics, and economics that are based on these truths.  No third party I have heard of has even begun to tackle this very difficult challenge.

We are in the fix we are in because we deny these 5 truths and, as a consequence, live in a reality distortion field.

Phi Beta Iota: Brother Gill is correct, which is why we started funding this non-profit in 2006.  Public intelligence in the public interest is the CRITICAL ingredient in moving beyond kum-ba-ya hand-holding and long sighs of Ommmm.  Below the line we RECAP Third Party relevent-entries.

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