Worth a Look: Carving a Pumpkin with a Pistol

Worth A Look
Real Pumpkin, Real Bullets

Okay all you half-crazed trained killers with time on your hands….here’s the challenge: carve a pumpkin with just fifteen rounds–twenty for anyone using less than a 9mm or .380 ACP, five rounds for those with a .45.

And in passing:

Overall, the 9mm provides a 40 percent greater wounding effectiveness (based on wound channel surface area) than does the .380. When equivalent bullet designs in the two cartridges are compared directly (for example, the Winchester SXTs and Remington Golden Sabers), the distinction is obvious. The .380 is simply not in the same performance class as the 9mm, even though the subjective experience of firing the two pistols is very much the same.

9mm Versus .380 ACP For Self-Defense

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