Review: The Jihadis’ Path to Self-Destruction

3 Star, Terrorism & Jihad
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Nelly Lahoud

3.0 out of 5 stars Superb Content Destroyed by Outrageous Price

November 22, 2010

I was about to buy this book for its analytics (the jihaddists are not self-destructing, they are morphing) when I saw the price. This is another example of outrageous pricing that destroys the dissemination possibilities of knowledge. The author would be better off using CreateSpace or any of a number of self-publishing “on demand” services, while also offering–as I do–a complete copy of their owrk free online.

This book, at just under 300 pages, cost the publisher a maximum of $6 per book and probably closer to $4, to print. While I am sympathetic to the problem presented to publishers by Amazon taking 55% of the retail price, there is, never-the-less, absolutely no justification for this book being sold at a penny over $29.95.

Columbia University Press appears to have forgotten that it is supposed to be in the business of disseminating knowledge, not destroying it.

I continue to recommend that authors take responsibility for their work by not signing any contract that fails to include pricing guarantees and ideally also offers all material free online….at a minimum the author should reserve that right to themselves.

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