Worth a Look: Gold Fraud, Gold Paper

Worth A Look
Phi Beta Iota: A trusted gold source sent this along, with the observation that this has been brewing for a while.
Anonymous said…
All these articles are trying to convince us that gold is a good investment for the purposes of curbing inflation. In theoretically it is. But you guys also have to take into consideration several other factors, for some reason rarely discussed. First. We still remember the act of 1933, don't we? After you buy all the gold in the world, nobody can stop the government to do it again. Moreover, they now have Northcom in place, don't they. Second. After you buy the gold and the scandal will start growing in speed and coverage on the news, it'll drive the prices of gold up. But guess what? The bastards will wait until the fish bites the bait and even swallows it and then they'll roll the second scandal with fake gold. I do not think that any of you really believes that the Rothschilds became altruistic and gave up their position in Gold Fixing, after controlling it for generations, just like that. No, the scandal is brewing and it'll expose itself when the time is right. When they expose fake gold scandal, all the investment funds and investment groups that hold paper gold will start dumping it. It will take the price of gold to the very bottom. This is when most of you, who spent all your life saving a week before buying gold, will panic and dump it as well. That will be the ultimate prize for the banksters who understand human herd psychology very well. And if this does not trash you, the fiat to follow will outlaw all transactions in gold as “ill gotten” and related to drug trade. So, in order to feed yourself during the food crisis (and don't think for a second that this is a pure coincidence that Monsanto now controls the entire food chain) you'll be forced to either dump your gold for pennies on a dollar (most likely the government will be the only agent to buy it) or dig it into the ground and wait until all this mayhem passes buy. Just looking at Russian revolution, I can tell that chaos may take a long time to settle. What is my advise. Unfortunately, I have none, because people who control the issuance of money control everything and it'll be really difficult to outsmart them. Just keep this scenario in mind while preparing yourselves for a rough ride.

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