Event: 1-3 February Santa Clara CA Strata Making Data Work


O'Reilly Strata Conference: Turn data into decisions

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Big Data is here, and it changes everything. From startups to the Fortune 500, smart companies are betting on data-driven insight. Get control of the new data opportunity at Strata—immerse yourself in three full days of hands-on training, information-rich sessions, and a sponsor pavilion filled with the key players and products. This new O’Reilly conference brings together the people, tools, and technologies you need to make data work.

Key Topics

  • Becoming a data-driven organization
  • Data”s evolution from research to product
  • Applications, case studies, and cautionary tales
  • Distributed data processing, Hadoop ecosystem
  • Data acquisition, crowdsourcing, cleaning, distribution and markets
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time data processing and analytics
  • Data science best practice
  • Visualization and design principles
  • Augmented reality and immersive interfaces
  • Data protection, privacy, and policy
  • Training and recruitment of data scientists

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Tip of the hat to Bob Gourley at LinkedIn.

To understand this conference in context, see the below graphics:

Graphic: Intelligence Data Management

Graphic: OSINT Quadrants and Green to Red Feed

Graphic: Business Intelligence Hits the Wall

Graphic: OSINT and Lack of Processing

Graphic: OSINT and Missing Information

Graphic (3): Myth of Digital Democracy

Nothing changes.  We really feel like a time-warp–we are back in the 1980's starting over.

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