Journal: Life in Industrial-Era Cyber-space–a Snap-Shot

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Sadly stuck with the status quo

JetBlue is ordinarily smart with their web site, which is why their broken system is particularly useful to take a look at. I'm guessing that at some point, management said, “it's good enough,” and moved on to more pressing issues. And then, of course, it stays good enough, frozen in time, ignored, and annoying.

The problem with letting your web forms become annoying is that in terms of time spent interacting with your brand, they're way up on the list. If someone is spending a minute or two or three or four cursing you out from their desk, it's not going to be easily fixed with some clever advertising.

Here's an illustrated guide to things to avoid, JetBlue style:

Click here to read full illustrated catalogue of break-downs ending with session time-out.

Phi Beta Iota: Now imagine doing this 80 times, one time for each intelligence community database, each built by the lowest  bidder to statements of work written by individuals that were never meant to be web czars, all immune from any kind of coherence and all largely ignorant of both collection biases and analytic tradecraft.  See Robert Garigue for why this defeats the entire point of online access.

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