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Paul Williams

I am sick to my stomach with “progressive” and “liberal” leaders hurling the insult of “hypocrites!” at the rich.

“Hypocrite” is a word used by men in suits and ties.  “Hypocrite” is even used by people who think this Obama deal on the extension of unemployment benefits is one dandy mitigating factor, in the injustice of it all.

What about our Christian (etc.) Brothers and Sisters—the “99ers”–the American human beings who have reached the 99-week limit, and are now ruthlessly spit into poverty.  Millions of them, thousands every day.

“Hypocrites” is a word that is used by rich people and Progressives who think that poor people are statistics.  Too bad, we can’t take care of these devastated American souls… “After all,” many of employed think secretly or not, “They should go get a job.”

Do you understand this simple fucking fact—there used to be three men on a garbage truck.  Two threw in the garbage and one drove.  Now there’s a driver with an expensive, giant, robotic, steel, throwing arm.  Those other two guys are out of work, and, now, out of luck.  Tough nuggies.

What happened to the garbage men has happened to millions of people.  It is called structural unemployment.  Industry got more and more efficient with better machines and cheaper labor (from wherever).  The structure of how we make things has changed.  We use fewer citizens and more machines.  We need educated people, not public high school drop-outs.  Fuck ‘em.

Structural Unemployment.  As fed Bernanke said last week, “four or five years” of this, before unemployment goes down again.  And that’s just not a fact; that’s a wish or a limited mind’s fantasy.  Right Mr. Roubini?  Professor Doom?  You are merely right.

As the late Herman Kahn said to me:  “We just don’t need that many people to do the work.  The big growth industry of the 21st Century will be the Meaning Industry.  How do we get these people to feel good about them selves when they have no work?  The Protestant Ethic says work hard and you’ll go heaven.  Well, if there is no work in our capital intensive economy (one man garbage trucks!), you need to have lots of new ways of thinking about yourself if you’re not in the workforce.  And more and more families are landing there—as rich folks know, shit flows downhill.

The thing Kahn didn’t count on was ruthlessness and lack of compassion and greed, and this creed–above all: to thine own self be untrue, and it must follow as night the day, thoust can not be true, to any man.

But the Hypocrites say, dump em.  99 and you’re out.  No more bases on my balls.  “Hypocrite, hypocrite, hydopcrite!” cry Progressives, “What about your tax break?”  How dastardly!

Get off it—when you see a Lying Scumbag Pig, say it!

And you shouldn’t wear a tie when you say it.  You should wear an empty holster… just a metaphor.  Whadda’ ya say, cowboy?

I beg your pardon, sir, but I’ve only been taking my growing share of the money for 30 years, and you riff-raff have managed to stay almost even.  Count your blessings.  God has given us bounty by Divine Right.  You are what we–in-ties call, “Statistical Detritus.”

I was sitting in First Class the other day on a flight (my girlfriend got me a free seat) and the elegant lady sitting next to me was kinda’ pretty.  I engaged her in conversation about the tax break for the top 1% and the pittance for 99-er’s and their ilk.  She held up her first class menu to cover her face, like a football coach hiding his signals from the television cameras, and chuckled, “Oh, you know they’re lying.  We all know that is not the truth.  We’re smart people.  That’s why we elect them.  We get more money, dear.”  She was embarrassed but real politik to the bone.

Don’t the Media get it?  Don’t the Progressives get it?  There are depending on everybody wearing ties (a symbol that you don’t mind being a strangled human as long as you can continue your membership in the Fellowship of Gentlemen)—couching one’s phrases:  “Oh, my oh my. I think I’m getting the vapors.  These rich folks are such, such hypocrites!”

No, folks–speak plainly and carry a big stick.  These cravated Gentlemen are the most “ruthless in the industrialized world,” to quote the late Pope John Paul II.  Nowhere else on Earth is the economy in an “advanced” country so brutal.

But no poor people have been anywhere.  They think this is the greatest country in the world.  How the hell to they know?  They know what they watch on FOX television and even NBC—looks good to me, Charlie.

We do have the greatest military (by a factor of ten—just no enemies that can be effectively killed by high tech when they’re hiding behind an olive tree); we do have the greatest research universities, the greatest pharmaceutical firms, the greatest entertainment business… but we have the lousiest medical system, the lousiest lower educational system, the harshest wage-slave working hours for low pay and shitty benefits and no paid vacations in the industrialized world, the most prisoners in jails… this place has been so bad for decades, the poor are just frogs who have been heated for so long that boiling feels like life to them.

Republicans are not stupid and ignorant. They are not really classy– they are just Greedy Pigs who laugh about their lies in country clubs, board rooms, and fine dining emporiums.

Bail out Wall Street but let them keep their bonuses.  Let them keep their tax breaks.  Let them buy the elections (Democrats, Progressives and Republicans).  They own the Court.  They own the Congress.  Might as well own the Prez.

How fucking stupid can you get.  Call them by their rightful names.  Words are everything.  They are “hypocrites…”?   They “are hypocritical?”   How genteel–what fucking street are you on?  They’re lying scumbags who should be frightened of having their knees broken.

When they take your retirement pay for which you worked a life-time–Mr. Steelworker, Madam American Airlines attendant, and millions and millions of other defrauded workers–grab a beer and watch tv.  And watch your bosses take golden parachutes into gated communities.  Live in Hometown for 99 weeks.  And then starve.  You good-for-nothing Fifth-Tier 99-er!

Where are the Gangs of New York when we need them, Mr Scorcese?  Or do you ive on Fifth Avenue?    Make the movie about now, not then.

You lying scumbags—fear for your own health.  Every single member of congress who is not a ruthless gentleman, take off your tie.  Liberate yourselves.  You have nothing to lose but your vocabulary.

Learn how to fight.

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