9-11 Expose: General Odom Says CIA “Out of Control”

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I have read the released Odom interview MFR.  Odom is not kind (perhaps not fair) to CIA or Gen Mike Hayden.  Interview, like all others in extensive series, was done circa 2003-2004.  Some prominent military SO names, such as Schoomaker and Boykin are among the interviewees.  Extent of redaction ranges from fairly light to very heavy.  Pre-sanitization/release original classification of interview MFRs ranges from U to TS//SCI (multiple caveats).  As documented, little/no evidence that 9/11 Commission interviewers operated in hostile/coercive manner.  Even through sanitization, knowledgeable readers can glean some interesting opinions.

Former NSA Chief Called CIA ‘Out of Control'

The CIA is “out of control” and often refuses to cooperate with other parts of the national security community, even undermining their efforts, said former National Security Agency head William Odom, according to a recently released record of a 9/11 Commission interview.

“The CIA currently doesn't work for anyone. It thinks it works for the president, but it doesn't and it's out of control,” says a report summarizing remarks made by Odom, a retired three-star general who served as director of the NSA from 1985 to 1988.

Odom, who also served on the National Security Council staff during the Carter administration, was known as an outspoken advocate for intelligence reform. He died in 2008.

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While deeply critical of the CIA, Odom also had harsh words for other NSA directors, including Adm. Bobby Inman, whom he accused of “playing games” in Washington. He also said that Gen. Michael Hayden, then the director of the NSA, was “destroying” the agency and didn't know his “intellectual limits.”

Hayden went on to become head of the CIA in 2006.

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